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Software Engineering


Our software engineers use a combination of programme languages and technologies to ensure that the user-facing functionality and the behind-the-scenes functionality powers your software product effectively – and in the most efficient way possible.

All of our software engineers are Microsoft Certified, using a combination of programming languages to bring to life the flows and interactions designed during the IA and UX processes. They are the specialists who will design and build peerless database schema and business logic coding that allows the user interface to deliver the specified functionality. They will ensure that what your end user sees and touches functions perfectly – and as designed.

To create the optimal environment for user-facing functionality, our front end developers use a combination of the following technologies:

  • React and React Native
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • jQuery

What you don’t see – but what makes your product run – rests firmly in the highly capable hands of our back end developers.

Using the following technologies, they are dedicated to making sure that servers, databases and all the behind-the-scenes functionality that powers your product is efficient and effective:

  • C# / SQL
  • ASP.NET / .NET Core
  • MVC / Micro services
  • Microsoft Azure Paas and Iaas
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