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User Experience (UX) Design


We want your end user to feel immediately comfortable with your software product, to know that what they came to do will be achieved with beautiful simplicity and no frustration.

When your end user approaches your software product for the first time, we want them to immediately know exactly how to use it. We want them to get to where they want to go - do what they need to do - as quickly and as easily as possible. No faff, no fuss. Our UX designers are specialists at creating products that deliver this vision.

To reassure you that we have indeed created a software product your customer will want to return to time and time again, we use the latest technologies to gather essential feedback - for example

  • InVision -
  • Balsamiq -
  • Adobe Creative Suite -

A prototype of your product will be mocked up by our UX designers, allowing you, your stakeholders and online user testers to experience your product, rapidly allowing us to evaluate its look and feel with physical interaction - for example

  • Is it obvious to your user that clicking here will help them achieve the reason why they visited your product?
  • Do they think that it will be faster or more satisfying if they swiped, rather than tapped?
  • Would this button not look better here? Etc.

Basically, we want your product to be the go-to technology the public thinks of - and uses - when they have a specific purpose in mind. We believe good, intuitive design will help achieve this. If you believe this too, please click to get in touch.

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